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I decided to enter a submission for an anthology titled Women In Nature. The first book in the Women In Nature series was published this May, and the publisher, Louis Grace Publishing, is currently accepting submissions for additional anthologies in their series. They are currently accepting submissions for the following categories: adventure, children, healing, water, indigenous ways, food, and dwelling. These are short essays – only 750-2,000 words – and must be inspiring and uplifting for the reader.

When I read the submission guidelines on their website, I remembered the six-week backpacking trip I took in Montana the summer of my freshman year of college. I picked a few memorable events from my backpacking trip and wrote a brief essay titled “The Darkest, Starriest Skies.” I think I may have continued the “stars” theme from last week’s blog post, but I also discovered that I really enjoy writing about my past experiences – particularly the happy ones.

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I’ve found over and over that writing about my past experiences helps me tremendously to push the bad memories I have of the voices and the mafia into the background. Writing about, remembering, and not-quite reliving the fun times I’ve had helps me rediscover all the positive, enjoyable experiences in my life. I’m starting to realize that the past twelve years I’ve spent battling these horrible people and relentless voices do not make up the sum total of my existence. I have plenty of great, positive, adventurous stories to share with my readers, and I plan to continue writing about them long into the future.

I even started a second memoir about the two years I spent in the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corps volunteer. I am excited to write this memoir as well, and I can’t wait to share my experience with others. I still face quite a bit of negativity on a daily basis – mostly in my own thoughts. It’s easy to be angry, and hard to be positive, but I make continuous efforts to keep happy thoughts. My Buddhist faith, my husband and my family help me tremendously. I can’t wait until this is over.

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