Writing Specific Goals for 2012

At the end of the day yesterday I typed up a new list of goals for 2012 to put on my altar. They include my mental health goals (managing the voices), financial goals (earning a steady income with commercial writing), and relationship goals so that my husband and I have a happy marriage. If I write my goals down and put them on my altar, I focus better when I am chanting, and my prayers are more concrete. Mulling over my goals and dreams in my head doesn’t accomplish anything, and they only end up becoming more vague over time. Writing things down takes my thoughts and ideas out of my head, and puts them on paper where they are real. In Buddhism, we are encouraged to be specific with our prayers. This can be hard sometimes, especially when we aren’t sure what we want. This year, I have written more specific goals for myself. I believe that I will be able to accomplish my goals.

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