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Amelia Earhart

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Amelia Earhart was reported missing in 1937 after her airplane flight never landed on Howland Island in the Pacific, about 1,700 miles southwest of Hawaii. As of September, 2023, according to a Popular Mechanics story1, no one knows why her plane never landed on Howland Island, and no one knows where it went instead.

According to Wikipedia2, Amelia Earhart was an American aviation pioneer. Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and she also set many other solo flying records. Amelia Earhart was declared dead on January 5, 1939, although her mystery hasn’t ended. 

According to some, Amelia Earhart’s plane actually landed on the Marquesas Island of Hiva Oa instead of Howland Island in 1937. Hiva Oa, an island shaped like a seahorse in French Polynesia, is also the location of two volcanic calderas,3 a large one and a smaller one. The larger caldera, usually accessed from the Bay of Traitors, is on the southwestern part of the island, just above the seahorse’s snout. This caldera is depicted in the painting, Sacred Spring, Sweet Dreams by Paul Gauguin4. The island’s largest caldera was also a plutonium source for those who were interested. Puamau Bay5, created by the second largest caldera on the island, is located on the north coast near the seahorse’s tail. 

When Amelia Earhart landed on Hiva Oa in 1937, the island’s Polynesian inhabitants attempted to drown her in the largest caldera’s plutonic spring. Unfortunately, she survived and was mummified as evidence of the crime, and later moved to the basement of a Los Angeles hotel and apartment building, featured in the 2021 Netflix series, Brand New Cherry Flavor6.

During the early 90s, the green-eyed, mummified Amelia Earhart haunts the sole resident of the L.A. apartment building and her would-be film producer. However, Amelia is eventually decapitated, forced to consume toxic comet fragments, and moved to the New York City Visser apartment building featured in Archive 81. 

Amelia’s name is mentioned in one of the first episodes of the American supernatural horror streaming television series, Archive 81, released on Netflix in 20227. Nothing else is said about her, but she is presumed to be the unidentified “monster” in the wall heating unit in the lead character’s apartment in The Visser building. The lead character discovers a strange noise coming from inside a wall heating unit. She opens the unit once or twice to peer inside, but nothing much happens, and she does nothing about whatever might be inside.

Was Amelia Earhart rescued from her fate in the Visser apartment building? What do you think? 

For more information about Hiva Oa’s story see Island of the Turquoise Seas at Cassiopeia StarTales Online.


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