~ The Telepathic Buddhist ~

A nearly eight year-long international narcotics and opioid investigation marks the end of days for a satanic cult from Welch, WV.

Chelsea had scribbled the word “HELL” using neon green spray paint on the front of the house in Jewell Valley where they ripped a little kid’s heart out for their “party drugs” back in the early nineties. 30 years and untold quantities of meth and poisoned oxycodone pills later, Welch’s drug, pill and poison rings are finally being shut down.

My first memoir I self-published in 2014.

Peace Corps Dominican Republic

I’m a returned U.S. Peace Corps volunteer who served in the Dominican Republic from 1993-1995 in the field of Environmental Education. I lived near Salcedo for about two years.

I never managed to learn the art of carrying water in a cooking oil can on top of my head, but Josefina’s little girl, Diana tried to teach me when she herself was just starting to learn this fragile balancing act at the age of six.