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Challenging “Unbalanced Religious Archetypes”

Transforming Tendencies That Block Our Happiness

World Tribune Sept 18, 2020 p. 11

  1. Seeking salvation through an external, absolute being.

Leaves people feeling powerless and condemned to suffer in their present life, giving rise to growing pessimism in society.

The power of conviction

By chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, we can bring forth conviction in our ability to create the Buddha land just as we are, right where we are, and genuinely transform our lives and society.

2. Giving in to egoism or self-satisfaction

The power of compassion

Buddhist practice dedicated to awakening ourselves and others to our inherent Buddhahood enables us to tap into our greater, compassionate selves and truly become the “master of our minds.”

3. Seeking benefit through occult means

Reliance on formalities and mysterious rituals only lead to confusion in society.

The power of courage

Instead of “outsourcing” our enlightenment to “holier” figures, or seeking magical solutions, Nichiren Daishonin taught that we can courageously overcome anything by tapping the real power within us.

4. Seeking to control desires with external precepts and rules.

While certain Japanese priests publicly upheld strict rules of discipline, their corrupt conduct behind closed doors proved their deceitfulness.

The power of wisdom

Rigid rules don’t truly empower people. The Daishonin instead taught that anyone can bring forth the wisdom to win over all manner of negativity by simply embracing faith in the Mystic Law. No matter who they are or how long they have practiced Buddhism, they can bring forth Buddhahood.

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