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Gratitude Is A Source of Fundamental Strength

When we face difficulties, thinking of all those who have helped us in some way can rouse in our hearts a renewed fighting spirit. Gratitude is the source of fundamental human strength. (The Teachings for Victory, vol. 3, p. 100).

President Ikeda states: that those without gratitude are miserable, “because they destroy the very fabric that makes them human” (The Teachings for Victory, vol. 3, p. 100)

An integral part of our Buddhist practice – alongside carrying out the basics of faith, practice and study – is making offerings with a heart of appreciation. Two vital offerings in Buddhism are: 1) the offering of goods, such as food, clothing, money and other goods, which allows us to release our attachment to material possessions; and 2) the offering of the Law, or spreading the teachings of Buddhism, which helps us to let go of attachments that cause us to suffer.

If…we engage in our Buddhist practice with a spirit of goodwill toward others and a desire to praise and support everyone, we will experience a deep sense of joy and appreciation. Everything in life will seem rewarding and enjoyable. In fact, this is proof of our human revolution and the true embodiment of happiness. (The New Human Revolution, vol. 26, p. 301)

“Creating A Groundswell of Hope with the Vast Heart of Soka” Living Buddhism May 2021 p. 12

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