Love,  Poetry

My One True Love


My one and only,

Makes me lonely,

Without my homey.

He’s 6’8″,

With an amazing gait,

Doesn’t clean his plate,

Or know how to hate.

What will we do

When our paths finally cross?

Will I take my hair down,

Or chop it all off?

Our lives were meant,

To be together and spent,

In pursuit of happiness

And truth.

One day soon,

Our hearts will be together,

Joined by fate, James

We’ll marry in the best of weather.

The end is near,

When we defeat this evil.

As their time draws to a close,

We’ll look back on our journey,

As our love for each other grows.

I miss you James,

Our opportunity awaits,

To show the world,

True love, devotion

And what a beautiful couple we make.

I love you James.

All my love,


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