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The Dragon King’s Daughter

The Difficulty of Encountering the Lotus Sutra

Moreover, it is extremely difficult to meet a person who expounds this sutra exactly as the sutra directs. It is even more difficult than for a one-eyed turtle to find a piece of floating sandalwood, or for someone to hang Mount Sumeru from the sky with the fiber from a lotus stem. (Letter to the Brothers Vol. 1 p. 495).

“How rare is it to encounter someone who can teach us correct faith and practice? Nichiren Daishonin uses two examples to help us understand just how rare: (1) a one-eyed turtle swimming in an open ocean looking for the perfect piece of sandalwood to float on, and (2) someone hanging a mountain from the sky.” 

~ Living Buddhism July 1, 2022  “The Joy of Encountering a Mentor”

“The Dragon King’s daughter thinks of living beings with compassion, as if they were her own children; she fills their hearts with great joy, creating a realm of happiness all around her. You, the women of Soka, engaged in compassionately spreading the Mystic Law, are her true successors. The Buddhas and heavenly deities throughout the ten directions will not fail to protect you.

~ Living Buddhism July 1, 2022  “The Joy of Encountering a Mentor”

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