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Unity Is the Key To Victory

Devilish functions seek to create schisms, a manifestation of the workings of the devil king of the sixth heaven. Only a positive, united force can defeat devilish functions. Unity among believers represents an unassailable fortress to keep out devilish functions.

A passage in the Six Paramitas Sutra says to become the master of your mind rather than let your mind master you. Whatever trouble occurs, regard it as no more than a dream, and think only of the Lotus Sutra.

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When viewed in terms of the infinite scale of eternity, any event or phenomenon is as fleeting as a passing dream. The Law, in contrast, is eternal. Allowing oneself to be defeated by devilish functions and straying from the Law will be a cause for everlasting regret. In this passage, Nichiren urges his followers to “think only of the Lotus Sutra,” to focus only on kosen-rufu and to remain steadfast in their faith for the sake of eternal victory.”

Living Buddhism “The Disciple’s Victory Is The Mentor’s Greatest Wish and Joy” August 2021 p.28

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