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Each of Us Is a Protagonist

The great river of kosen-rufu began with just one person – Nichiren Daishonin. Likewise, the Soka Gakkai started with President [Tsunesaburo] Makiguchi and President [Josei] Toda. But today, our organization has expanded into the world. Though the organization in Europe is still small…you are certain to see tremendous growth.

This, however, means that each of you must strive with a stand alone spirit, without being dependent on one another. Everything rests on how many people summon forth lionlike courage and forge ahead with the resolve that they will be victorious without fail and realize kosen-rufu, even if they have to do it alone.

The accumulation of each person’s determination and each person’s triumph leads to great victory. It thus follows that ushering in a new era and creating history are not extraordinary feats. They simply require that each person challenge his or her own personal objectives and win each day. It all comes down to what action we take right now.

I hope that you will awaken to your role as protagonists of kosen-rufu and, as champions of faith, enact a bold drama of surmounting difficulties on the grand stage of life. (The New Human Revolution, vol. 12, revised edition, p. 48-49)

“Each of Us Is a Protagonist” Living Buddhism March 2021 p. 39

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