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Stones Into Jewels

Just as poison can be changed into medicine, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo can change evil into good. The Spring of Jewels is so called because, in this spring, stones are changed into jewels. The Daishonin likens the power of the Mystic Law to a spring in which “stones are changed into jewels” (White Horses and White Swans WND-1 p. 1064). A life dedicated to the Mystic Law is the complete opposite of a shallow, self-centered life spent in pursuit of personal fame and fortune. [1]

Buddhism teaches dedication or “kimyo” in Japanese. Ki means “return,” as in returning to the unchanging truth of Buddhism. Myo or “life” means basing one’s life on Buddhist wisdom. In his writings, President Ikeda states that “genuinely great individuals are rare.” [1] Nichiren Daishonin also asserts that of all the people he had met over the course of his lifetime, there were “fewer than one in a thousand who impress me as truly admirable.” Condolences on a Deceased Husband

Too many people give their lives to unworthy causes, ultimately dragging countless others down with them, due to erroneous beliefs and their own delusions. However, nothing in Buddhism teaches people how to be a happy, fulfilled, successful criminal. This is never really mentioned in any of the writings. Yet, many people persist with this belief that somehow, their so called “lifestyle” – one of deception, greed, arrogance, toxic addiction and crime is justified simply because they wish it were so.

With all the advancements of the modern era, we seem to have retreated to the dark ages in our thinking, but still live in the suburbs with our cars and our technology. We have no worldview other than our own personal circumstances and care nothing for anyone, not even ourselves. How pathetic. Hopefully, after decades (even centuries) of corruption and disease, our “human race” problem will change course and head forward towards a happier, healthier future. Religion and philosophy exist to help humanity, not to mislead them.

[1] “Living a Life of Dedication” World Tribune Oct 14, 2022

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