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Recognizing Negative Influences

Those who attempt to obstruct one’s Buddhist practice are known as “negative influences.”

Since this is so, believers in the Lotus Sutra should fear those who attempt to obstruct their practice more than they fear bandits, burglars, night raiders, tigers, wolves, or lions – even more than invasion now by the Mongols.

WND-1 p. 495 “Letter to the Brothers”

What makes them so frightening is that they can corrupt people’s minds and destroy their faith. If practitioners of the Lotus Sutra allow themselves to be swayed by negative influences, to be deceived by evil teachers, thereby losing their commitment to the correct path of faith, they cannot attain the Buddha way.

Banana Slug – Santa Cruz, California

Conversely, if practitioners remain steadfast in their commitment, they can eventually, through the power of faith, surmount even the greatest difficulties. It is really true, as Nichiren often says, that the heart is most important. To forge the inner strength to withstand negative influences, we must have the wisdom to discern that they are devilish functions and courageously battle them.

“Overcome All Obstacles Through Steadfast Faith!” Living Buddhism Ikeda Wisdom Academy June 2021 p. 38

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