Poetry,  We'Moon 2023 Silver Lining

Under the Moon

Don’t mind me,

I’m out getting lost under the moon, watching bats wheel and vultures go to bed and listening to whippoorwills and starsong. 

Don’t seek me, I’m dancing with sunset, studying the shapes of clouds and leaves, serenading violets and waltzing with wild berries. Don’t try to tell me what to do or ask me when the taxes are due. 

I’m busy slipping between shadows and under raindrops and finding out where the river flows. 

Don’t worry about me, I’m dialoguing with crows and dandelions, watching butterflies dance and remembering the witching that was lost when we stopped looking for the moon and forgot to listen to flowers.

Don’t call me back, I’m uncovering magic and remembering dreams, following secrets laid down by moss and mushroom and tracking down wisdom in holy books of bark and stone.

– Molly Remer 2021

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